4 facts about the Winkhaus locking systems we use

One of the most important elements of a door is the quality of the locking mechanism. Cheaper, more flimsy locks won’t guarantee safety, leaving the homeowner without much peace of mind. That’s why here at Vista Panels we offer Winkhaus locks in the form of the AV2-E motorised lock. If you haven’t heard about the AV2-E lock or you don’t know much about it, you may find these facts beneficial.

1) The AV2-E creates an automatically locking door

If you’ve ever forgotten to lock a door and then spent the next few hours uncomfortably paranoid that someone might try and enter your home, then you would definitely benefit from the main feature of the Winkhaus AV2-E motorised lock. When a door with an AV2-E lock is closed, the user no longer needs to lift the handle lever in order to engage the hook locking mechanism. As an automatic multi-point locking system, the AV2-E features a latch and two hooks that upon the door closing will hook automatically to achieve instant security.

2) The AV2-E is a Secured by Design lock

The AV2-E lock has been recognised by the Secured by Design initiative, which means it’s seen by the police as a security product of the highest quality. This is probably due in part to the arrested locking bolt that has a 25mm visible width and claw action. The combination of the previously mentioned automatic locking system with the main deadbolt results in a securely locked door that is sure to deter any would-be intruders.

3) The AV2-E is a door lock that can be unlocked remotely

Another unique feature of the AV2-E lock is its ability to be opened remotely. When upgraded to the blueMatic AV2-E, you can experience a secure electronically accessed locking system. This allows the user to use a simple remote interface to either lock or unlock the door. A feature like this is mainly useful for the elderly and people with ailments like arthritis who would otherwise find it a particular hassle to use the locking system in the traditional way.

4) The AV2-E is a lock that’s compatible with almost any kind of door

Grey composite xtremedoor

The AV2-E locking mechanism has been designed for use with timber, aluminium, and composite doors but can also be used on some PVCu systems. More impressively, the lock can be fitted in FD30 Fire Doors. Locks for Fire Doors need to refrain from bowing or twisting in the heat, which isn’t a problem for the AV2-E lock as the lock will engage automatically in three positions to help hold the door leaf in place.

Vista Panels provides the AV2-E locking mechanism and more

If you’re a fabricator looking to provide the AV2-E lock as part of the doors you offer, or you’re looking for PVCu panels or composite doors, Vista Panels can provide these to highest standard of quality. If you require further clarification or information on our products and services, you can contact us, or if you’re interested in our products, get a quote today.