Contemporary Doors

Vista’s head social media co-ordinator Lauren Barnes takes a look at why the trend for modern looking doors is taking over our urban streets.Lauren Barnes, Vista's Head Social Media Co-ordinator

You don’t buy a new front door for your house very often, so when you do it’s a big decision. The last couple of years have seen a new trend that has taken doors to a whole new level – the emergence of contemporary doors with sleek lines and square glazing panels fitted with long bar handles can be seen on every street now. Although available in a wide range of colours, they really come to life in popular grey tones or dramatic dark colours.

XtremeDoor has a choice of 6 modern door designs in its range, so let’s take a closer look at them now.

Jacobean door design

Our Jacobean door is our most popular contemporary design, with its vertical lines and centralised glazing panels it is unmistakably modern in its appearance. For those replacing a timber or PVCu door, it will be a statement change to the property. With our Satin glass design and long bar handle, it is a great and stylish way to give your home a facelift.


Verona door design

The hugely popular and stunning Verona style door really stands out with its horizontal lines and square panels. You can decide where the long glazing panel goes – in line with the handle, over to the hinge side, or you can put it in central to the door. This door style also looks equally modern with a long bar handle or a lever handle, there is no mistaking this is a modern and very European choice of door. There is also a solid version with no glass that also looks fantastic.


Cottage 4 door design

As the original contemporary door available, the Cottage 4 has been in our range for a number of years now. It has stayed the test of time and continues to be a popular choice, again, the square glass panels can be moved from either side or centralised so homeowners have the freedom to create their dream door. There’s also a wide range of gorgeous glazing designs to choose from.


Georgian 2 door design

For those seeking something different to the square glazing pattern, the Georgian 2 offers that and much more. With two half-circle glazing panels, this is a unique entrance design that lets in plenty of light. Unlike other door designs, this style works best with some feature glass; be that exquisite Murano glass or just our simple etched glass with a clear border.

Striking composite door designs

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