Composite doors

Composite doors are at the heart of everything we do here at Vista. Offering both XtremeDoors and LINKS doors, we believe we have a high-quality composite door for every kind of property. A composite door is made up of a variety of materials, most commonly including uPVC, foam, wood, and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The combination of these materials ensures that the door excels in a wide variety of areas.

XtremeDoor composites

Our XtremeDoor composites provide everything you would expect from a classic composite door, in both appearance and features. This means you can expect superb thermal performance, incredible levels of security, and a customisable appearance that blends in with every kind of home. To find out more about the XtremeDoor composites that we offer, you can view our XtremeDoor composites page.

LINKS composite doors

A more recent addition to our arsenal, a LINKS composite door is available in one of two ranges, being either Inox or Urban. A LINKS door both looks and feels like aluminium, whilst maintaining everything that makes a composite door great. The difference between the Inox and Urban range mainly lies in their aesthetics but they’re both unique and eye-catching in their various designs. To find out more about our LINKS doors, you can view our LINKS composite door page.

Why choose Vista for your composite doors?

If you’re wondering why you should choose us to be your composite door supplier, it’s simple! We only provide the very best products and we’ve been in business for roughly 20 years so you can trust us to meet your expectations and requirements. There’s also a 10-year guarantee on our composite doors, so you can have peace of mind that we’re confident they’ll last a long time.

Vista Panels

If you’re looking for more than composite doors, you might be interested to know that we also offer uPVC door panels and the AV2-E motorised lock. If you’re looking to choose the market leaders in composite doors & uPVC panels for your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.