What does your door colour say about you?

Vista’s head social media co-ordinator Lauren Barnes takes a look at the door colour trends of 2020 – and what your door colour says about you?

Lauren Barnes, Vista's Head Social Media co-ordinatorAs installers work so closely with customers when designing their doors, customers often want the advice of which colours and features will suit them and their homes best. Not only do they have to see their front door every single day, but their neighbours, friends, and passers-by will regularly see it too.  Often the first thing people notice, customers need to know that they are in safe hands and that their new door is a true representation of who they really are.

So, with so many colours available, what does each colour suggest?… With this in mind, we have put some thoughts together about the most popular door colours below.


Popular door colours in 2020

Anthracite Grey Doors

This calming shade has had a surge in popularity in recent years which shows no sign of slowing down. Anthracite Grey is a neutral colour that is hugely adaptable, not only does it complement modern architectural buildings but it also looks at home on traditional countryside properties and in urban settings. Anthracite grey is the perfect contrast to the building materials around your home be that brick or light render, it also sits perfectly with the earthy greens in your garden creating a calming environment to sit back in.


Chartwell Green Doors

Chartwell Green transports us to the British countryside and has a great number of traditional associations. It is a quaint, tranquil colour and signifies a calm home. It also whispers luxury but in a subtle way. Named after Sir Winston Churchill’s family home, Chartwell House, it is no wonder the colour is best suited to classic, elegant homes but not exclusively as its popularity now sees it appearing more and more in urban settings across the country.


Black Front Doors

An association we often have with black doors is the big and beautiful city of London and, just like No.10, this home is in control! A serious and sincere colour choice, black front doors ooze wealth and sophistication. They are an aesthetically pleasing statement feature for a traditional home and for influencers! With thousands of them posing in front of black doors all over London, it is no surprise that it’s such a trendy colour.



Slate Grey Front Doors

The new kid on the block trying to steel some of Anthracite grey’s trendy appeal. Slate is a tone lighter in shade than Anthracite and is gaining popularity fast with home owners searching for a alternate.  As with Anthracite it seems to versatile enough to be both Sophisticated and simple, contemporary and heritage in appearance  all at the same time. With shades of Grey dominating the home improvement market there was always going to be another option for home owners.


Pink Doors

It’s not just a numbers game picking a colour though, sometimes it’s good to stand out from the crowd and that will get you noticed more! An army of social media savvy homeowners now post images of not just their home interior but the exterior as well and many have eye catching front doors. Pink is never going to appeal to the masses but those who are brave enough to be individual will get that like button hit. As for the choice of Pink it naturally gives of a calming feeling of it belonging to a loving home.


Yellow Doors

For those who want to be brave but can’t handle Pink then what about Yellow? The colour of hope, and happiness; yellow is a daring colour. We often associate yellow with energy, sunshine, and positivity, so a home with a yellow door has a balanced, bright, and joyful lifestyle. They are ideal for brightening up older, traditional homes, putting life back into their exterior and rejuvenating their well-loved character. With the range of traditional hardware in antique black it looks timeless and will fool a passer by into thinking it is the original timber door.

Orange modern front door

Yellow composite door with christmas wreath

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