Six tips on how to take the perfect photograph of your door

Your front door is the first impression of your home – and they say first impressions go a long way. The trend for posting home improvement snaps on Instagram and Pinterest is huge and we’d like to help you get the most out of your post.

From the style, colour and choice of hardware, our front door tells a story of our home, and should certainly be something to take pride in.

At XtremeDoor, we want to encourage you to enjoy your door and share it with the world via social media platforms, and that’s why we’re sharing our six top tips on how to take the best photos of your new home improvement.

Clear the area

The first thing you need to do is make sure the area around the door is clear. For example, you don’t want any tools or debris lying around to distract from the door itself.XtremeDoor

You could also include some flower pots and garden accessories in the photo, which will help show off your property’s personality and really brighten up the image.

Don’t be afraid to try some unusual angles

When photographing your front door, remember that the picture doesn’t necessarily have to be of the door head on.

Instead, try taking the photo from low down, from the side, or even from the inside looking out.

Wide angle shots and close-ups can also look great, or why not try taking the picture at night? The light from inside your house shining through a glass pane on your door can light up a photo beautifully.

Choose the best light

It can be tempting to photograph your door in sunny conditions, but direct light can actually sometimes be problematic. Doors tend to be set back in their frames, casting a shadow that detracts from the focal point in the final image. Often shooting on an overcast day instead will produce better results.

Take a few steps back

It’s easy to get too close to your door and end up using a wide angle lens in order to capture the entire frame. Instead, it’s much better to take a few steps back and use a longer focal length, thereby achieving much better framing without any image distortion. Taking a step back will also allow you to get some of your property in the shot, perfectly framing your door as the obvious focal point.

Get close up

A lot of what makes your door stand out is the specific hardware you’ve chosen for it, including the handle, knocker, and letterbox features. Don’t forget to show these off! Stand right next to your door and get some close up shots to really show off your door’s aesthetics.


More is more

Take as many pictures as you can, and use some variety! It’s always a good idea to take more pictures than you think you need. Snap away, and then you can go back and choose the one that looks the best and delete the rest.


We’d love to see your photos!

To engage with us here at XtremeDoor, post your pictures on social media, tag @XtremeDoor, and use #XtremeDoor so that we can re-post and share your uploads.

Get snapping!


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