2mm to 4mm – the XtremeDoor just got twice as good!

Document Q XtremeDoor

At Vista Panels, we take our doors seriously. As an industry leading composite door fabricator, we like to stay ahead of our competitors. We strive to always keep up with modern technological advancements within the glazing industry, to ensure that our doors are truly top class.

Our XtremeDoor range of composite doors already has an international reputation for high performance and sleek aesthetics. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, think again, because the XtremeDoor just got twice as good!

Enhanced resistance

The GRP skin outer layer on our XtremeDoors is now 100% thicker than before. To stay in line with increasingly strict Building Regulations requirements, the GRP skin outer layer has increased in thickness from 2mm to 4mm. Introduced in October 2015, Building Regulations now state that all composite doors installed in new build properties must meet PAS 24: 2016 standards.

The XtremeDoor is now PAS 24: 2016 approved, fully compliant with Document Q, and passes the stringent cut-through test. The revised PAS 24: 2016 test involves a three minute sustained attack using two chisels (a 6mm and a 25mm) and a Stanley knife. If the tester can cut a 50mm hole in the door in under three minutes; the door fails the test. The XtremeDoor has proved its quality by consistently passing this forced entry test.

Exceptional entrance doors

At Vista Panels, we want our composite doors to be the best in the business. Alongside their 100% thicker GRP skin; the XtremeDoor now features an upgraded five hook lock and improved tight fit weather seal. The new security system helps to repel potential intruders and it has increased the weather resistance of the XtremeDoor from 800 Pascals to 1200.

The XtremeDoor is a truly exceptional entrance door. When you want to offer your customers the most advanced composite doors on the market, contact Vista Panels. Call us on 0151 608 1423 or send us a message online. With XtremeDoors in your product range, every customer will be a happy one.