Door accreditations

It’s no wonder that customers are so focused on security when looking for a new door. Every day, news stories surface about burglars using the door as the point of entry. Accreditations are the mark of trust many homeowners look for when investing in a new door. Our range of high-quality PVCu panels and composite doors, XtremeDoors are designed with security and thermal efficiency in mind. These easy-to-fit doors will shorten your installation time and keep your customers happy.

What is Secured by Design?

Secured by design accreditationHousing that was built quickly and cheaply saw the rate in reported burglary spike, in the late 1980s. This led to the launch of Secured by Design (SBD), an initiative run by the Police Service. The Police identified several themes throughout these developments that needed improvement, including the quality of externally glazed doors and windows.

SBD pushed for more rigorous and comprehensive testing to improve the quality and security of doors and windows throughout the country. Several test houses and certification bodies were set up as a result of their efforts, with many building regulations being adjusted based on their recommendations.

SBD is a voluntary initiative with more than 700 members. The products that are made by these members, get quality checked to ensure they meet relevant security standards. They are also checked and approved by an independent third-party certification body. We at Vista are proud to be a member of this initiative with our products passing the Secured By Design standard.


Lock, handle and hingeWhat is PAS 24?

PAS 24 (Product Assessment Specification) is an improved security requirement designed to assess whether a full doorset can withstand a sequence of tests. The measured manual and mechanical tests ensure the hinges, corners, and locking points perform even during the most persistent break-in.


Is PAS 24 a legal requirement?

PAS 24 is a minimum British standard for the security of a door. While some of the doorsets that pass will be tougher than the minimum requirement, it gives manufacturers a guideline and encourages them to design doors to high-security standards.

There have been many iterations of PAS 24 over the years, with the latest version insisting that testing should be carried out on the full doorset, as opposed to the door’s individual components.


Is PAS 24 the same as secure by design?

PAS 24 is recognised by Secured by Design which is the UK Police initiative to reduce burglary and crime by better design solutions. Secured by Design specifications differ by product, but a requirement is they need to comply with PAS24 standards. Though, to be able to offer Secured by Design approved products, they have to have been fabricated by a Secured by Design licence holder.


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