Show black and white the door – we have thousands of style combinations and door colours to choose from!

range of coloursWith our huge range of door colours and styles, your customers will be pleased for anyone to knock on their door (even if Halloween is over for another year!)

Face it, no one wants to come home to a boring-looking door. With Vista Panels’ thousands of style combinations, a plain, white front door is a thing of the past.

A splash of colour goes along way

Our composite doors have always been available in a range of colours, but we have now extended our choices to offer coloured outer-frames too. We offer a traditional range of door colours for composite frames: Black, Blue, Green, Light Oak, Red, Rosewood and White. With our colour coating facility we can also offer our popular Heritage colour range: Duck Egg Blue, Chartwell Green, Cream, Anthracite Grey and Moondust Grey.

For more adventurous customers, our composites are available in any RAL colour, allowing you to create a completely unique entrance way.

Thousands of combinations

You’ve got the door colours sorted. Time to think about the glazing to add to really make a front door stand out.

Pilkington offer some of the best quality glazing in the industry. Combine its strength with an array of patterns to choose from and it’s easy to reflect on how good a door looks.

We also have a choice of frame styles, making it easy to suit any type of property, however traditional or modern.

Traditional: Featuring a distinctive semi-circular glazing panel, this door is ideal for the street-front property or town house and reflects the classic architecture of the Regency period. Further glass panels can be added too to gain even more elegance.

Cottage: Ideal for houses found in rural areas or to provide a rustic, homely feel to any property. With a continental feel, this door gives a striking, modern twist to traditional entrances.

example of some door accessories and glazingModern: A simple design with a single offset panel providing a strong style statement but with an informal feel.

Get a handle on our door accessories!

We offer a huge range of additional hardware, including letter plates, knobs, door knockers and spyholes in black, white, chrome, gold and satin silver. There is also the option of different length door handles, multi-point locks and adjustable hinges.

Vista passes tests with flying colours

Our in-house spray booth and significant manufacturing resources mean we create high quality doors for less, in quicker time. We use Nan Ya slabs, with a high density foam core, glass reinforced plastic coatings and uPVC edge banding for thermal insulation.

With such an innovative design, it’s no wonder that Vista Panels XtremeDoors boast Secured by Design accreditation and extreme levels of thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.

Tests back up these amazing statements too – Vista composites have been tested for weather tightness on the glazing system by enduring 2000 pascals. Bearing in mind that a pascal is a unit of pressure and 670 pascals equates to the strength of a 70mph hurricane, our composites are three times the strength, withstanding 225mph winds. In thermal tests, our XtremeDoors were nearly 20% more thermally efficient than solid timber options.

Combine these amazing features with the range of style options and door colours, and it’s easy to sell a Vista XtremeDoor.

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