Vista secures new edge bander in less than 24 hours

AURIGA 1308 XL edge bander machine

Despite the challenges of unforeseeable production difficulties caused by a combination of Brexit, Covid-19, and the unpredictable British weather, award-winning composite door manufacturer Vista Panels has secured new state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring its customers continue to receive a high-quality and seamless service.

Within just 24 hours, the Wirral-based company brought in a brand new AURIGA 1308 XL edge banding machine, after the existing machine was damaged.

“Recent heavy rainfall overwhelmed our premises and caused flood damage to some of our vital manufacturing machinery,” comments Managing Director Keith Sadler.

“Our roof drainage system could not take it, and the overflow went directly down onto one of our edge banding machines.

AURIGA 1308 XL edge bander machine

“We worked hard to remove the water from the factory during a weekend clean-up operation, but unfortunately the engineers gave us a grim assessment of the damage to the machine.

“We were facing a six-week wait for spare parts, which would have severely affected the flow of door sets from our factory. With an excess of 1,000 door sets leaving our premises every week, there was simply no room for disruption in our production line, and so we decided to explore a different option.

Brand new AURIGA 1308 XL edge bander

“Calderbrook, one of our trusted suppliers, suggested purchasing a brand new machine from Weinig Group, and within just 24 hours, we had a brand new AURIGA 1308 XL being forklifted off a lorry and into our factory.

Keith Sadler, Managing Director

“It was our strong financial position that enabled us to make this quick decision and investment, enabling our current order book and the structured growth in our market to be maintained with minimal disruption.

“When you’re hit with a sudden crisis like this, it’s vital to be able to access the necessary funds. We needed a solution fast, and it’s thanks to our stable position combined with trusted relationships with our suppliers that we were able to find one and quickly return to full capacity.”

Founded in 1995, Vista specialises in composite and uPVC panels and doors, supplying to fabricators across the UK and Europe. For more information, call 0151 608 1423 or visit