Vista’s XtremeDoor chosen for flagship decarbonisation scheme featured on Sky News

Thanks to superior U-Values and thermal efficiency, XtremeDoor composites from leading supplier Vista Panels have been selected for a flagship scheme by the Saffron Housing Trust, a unique project recently featured on Sky News’ the Climate Show with Tom Heap.

Saffron Housing’s first wave of a government-led Social Housing Decarbonisation scheme saw 126 homes retrofitted with energy-saving upgrades, including new windows, doors, solar panels, insulation and air source heat pumps in order to reduce their carbon footprint and help residents save on energy costs.

Saffron Housing Door

In some homes, where additional measures were needed in order to improve the effectiveness of the heat pumps, new energy-efficient doors were needed, and with a U-Value of just 0.87 W/m2k, Vista’s XtremeDoor composite doors were the perfect choice.

Both stylish and functional, XtremeDoor is one of the highest performing composite doors on the market – thanks to a high-density, multi-layered foam core that helps to retain heat, they have been proven to be up to more than 19% more efficient than other composite doors on the market, while high-quality uPVC edge-banding offers extreme levels of weatherproofing.

Ian Smith, Vista’s Sales and Marketing Manager, comments: “We are incredibly proud to see our XtremeDoor composites used in Saffron Housing Trust’s flagship scheme, and to have them featured on Sky News’ the Climate Show is a fantastic recognition of their exceptional quality and energy-saving capabilities.

“At Vista, we recognise the significance and urgency of reducing carbon emissions and transitioning towards more sustainable living – by offering doors with superior U-Values, we’re proud to contribute towards the government’s decarbonisation goals.

“Being featured on Sky News further highlights the importance of our contribution to this cause, and motivates us to continue innovating and developing products that not only meet, but exceed energy-saving standards.

Saffron Housing

“We remain dedicated to supplying high-quality, stylish, and functional composite doors that not only enhance homes, but also help reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Together with partners like the Saffron Housing Trust, we can pave the way for a more sustainable world.”

Saffron Housing Trust’s Sustainability Project Lead Richard Egle said: “We are proud to have completed the installation of energy-saving measures on hundreds of Saffron homes, with the help of key partners such as Vista Panels.

“We have all worked hard in achieving this milestone, and we look forward to improving the energy efficiency of many more homes in the future, with upgrades such as thermally-efficient composite doors.”