Extreme weather conditions are no match for the XtremeDoor

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With forecasters predicting this winter will be the coldest and snowiest in years, UK homeowners understandably conscious of the need to prepare their homes to withstand this upcoming bad weather.

Recently, meteorologists and forecasters told the Daily Express that Britain should expect four months of heavy and persistent snow storms and heavy rain. They warned that the public should not be “lulled into a false sense of security” by a warmer than average autumn. Needless to say, a high quality and robust composite door is vital to successfully resist extreme weather conditions such as this – Enter the XtremeDoor.

The perfect protection during the upcoming Winter season

Adding the XtremeDoor to your home improvement company’s product range is the best way to ensure homeowners are able to adequately weatherproof their home. With its waterproof skin and triple-sealed uPVC outer frame, XtremeDoor will never swell, stick, crack or warp as it holds back the worst of this Winter’s weather.

It’s considered by both the domestic and commercial market to be the best-in-class composite door capable of shrugging off downpours with its waterproof GRP skin, and withstanding winds three times stronger than a hurricane. It continues to represent a solid and sound investment by all, offering benefits and features unmatched by the closest competing composite doors on the market.

Composite door thermally efficient than timber core door

Keeping the heat in as well as the harsh weather out

XtremeDoor hasn’t just been proven to keep extreme weather out – it’s also among the best products on the market at keeping heat in. Subjected to extensive testing by the University of Salford’s School of the Built Environment, the XtremeDoor was found to be 17% more thermally efficient than traditional timber panelled doors, and 19% more thermally efficient than timber core composite doors.

Backed by a 25-year guarantee, its stainless-steel hardware has been salt-spray tested for use in coastal areas, ensuring peace of mind for UK homeowners in even the worst weather.

Composite door specialists based in Mersey-side

If you want to offer homeowners the very best in composite door weatherproofing not only for this upcoming Winter season but all year round, the XtremeDoor is more than up to the task. If you’d like to discover more information or would like to receive an accurate quote, call one of our team on 0151 608 1423 or send us an online message today.

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